Monday, July 12, 2010

Today is Mikes last day on this detail he has been working since Friday. He has been driving around a 2 Star General that is just in town for a few days. He has they next few days off so we will be getting out to go hiking! We have gotten out and hiked a few places - Little Mt Si / Mount Pete in Enumclaw / Point Defiance / Lime Klin State Park and we have many more that we want to accomplish!

We are looking forward to our trip back to Kansas later this month for Ken and Carley's wedding! I will be home July 28-Aug 4th (wed-wed) and Mike will be home July 30-Aug 3rd (Fri-Tues). We are excited to see everyone but not looking forward to the HOT weather....It is about 65 here today but going to be in the 70's all week! We can get used to this kind of weather! We did have 2 days in the upper 80's-90 and everyone was dying up here because the homes don't have a/c in them! Our condo was up to 87!!

I only work 2 days this week so hopefully will be getting out a lot and enjoying the weather!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

So I am going to try "blogging" out and see if I can keep up with it! We have been having so much adventure together ever since we have been married and especially this past year with joining the Army and moving up to Tacoma, WA! We have been exploring so much since we have been here and will hopefully be able to do more this summer! Mike is working a special traning this summer that is keeping him busy during the weekends which is driving me crazy because we are not able to do anything on the weekends...but hopefully this will change soon?!?
Well anyway just want to share what all we have been able to do since we moved here in mid-March.
Victoria, BC - we took the Victoria Clipper Boat from Seattle for an overnight trip we loved!

Snoqualimie Falls - The falls a beautiful and there is a nice 1/2 mile hike down to the bottom!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival - It was pretty but we sat in so much traffic so we will not go again!

Little Mt Si - this is a 2.6 mile hike to the summit and it is a tough hike but we did it! We plan to do Mt Si which is a 4 mile one way hike soon!

Downtown Seattle - we have gone to Seattle many times! Pike Place Market - Gas Works Park - Waterfront - Aquarium (not so cool:( ) - Ballord Docks (Deadliest Catch Boats) - The Boat Locks

Ocean Shores - We spent Easter Sunday on the Washington Coast - It was chilly but a neat coast! You can drive on the beach and the waves are the largest I have ever seen!

Puyallup Spring Fair - We went to a country concert - Justin Moore!

My parents came out in May and we did a love of exploring!

Mt Rainier/ North West Trek - This was a fun day! It was a white out snow storm at Paradise Point in the end of May! We also go to feed cute little foxes!

Bainbridge Island & Ferry - We drove up to Bainbridge stopping at a Lavender Farm for my mom on the way - it is a cute Island! Then took the ferry to Seattle!

San Juan Islands/ Friday Harbor - We spent a night in Friday harbor and got to see whales both days!

Deception Pass State Park - This was pretty and the water was a cool green color!

Port Townsend Ferry - This was a tiny ferry that we almost missed! Glad we caught it because it was a cute town!